8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Equinox Experience

Trade shows are a great way to get face time with busy specifiers. They are an integral part of any marketing strategy and this is proven by the hundreds of suppliers that exhibit at Equinox every year.

These tips and tricks can help you get the best return on investment for your exhibition space:

  1. First impressions count – Specifiers are visual people so make sure your stand is engaging and showcases your products at their best.
  2. Create an open space – Make the front of your space open and inviting. Place tables and equipment at the back so there is plenty of room for interested people to stand.
  3. Make it visual and tangible – Specifiers are tactile people, so inspire them with plenty of samples.
  4. Get competitive – Running small competitions at your stand is a great way to draw people in as well as collect business cards.
  5. Be project specific – Specifiers may not relate to your products but they will relate to the projects you have successfully had your products implemented in.
  6. Pick the right people to represent you – You want people working your stand that are friendly and welcoming but not too overbearing.
  7. Capture conversations on business cards – Speaking to a specifier? Grab their business card and jot down some bullet points about your conversation.
  8. Follow up – Schedule time within 2-3 days to follow up on leads.

Practice makes perfect, so next time you’re exhibiting at Equinox try out the tips above. Good luck and we hope to see you soon!

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