How to lift your specification sales performance with
industry specific sales training

For more than 10 years, AIS has organised thousands of events representing opportunities for architectural representatives to present products and concepts to architects, consultants and interior designers and our 250 supplier members include almost every type of product you could imagine. During this time, we have seen many sales styles and evidence that there is a lack of sales training specific to architectural specification. Whilst there is a myriad of general sales courses and ones specific to industries such as car sales and real estate sales available, there are no courses that specifically focus on our unique industry: architectural specification sales. Now there is.

AIS’ education and training division, Architree, brings you two intensive one-day workshops in which you will develop effective new skills and acquire invaluable new knowledge that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

We’ll teach you key skills and provide invaluable inside knowledge on how to be a more effective sales representative. They’ll keep you focused, challenge your thinking and give you unique insights that will enhance your business relationships with your specifiers and enable you to become even more successful.

PROGRAM 1: Key Foundation Skills for Specification Representatives

Foundation skills are timeless in their application – for both experienced and new-entrant sales representatives alike. These Key Foundation Skills, once mastered, applied and sustained, create the essential habits needed to succeed. Participants who attend receive all of the Key Foundation Skills needed as a professional specification salesperson.

Included in Program 1:

  • The six tiers in specification sales
  • The specifier and buyer
  • Stages of your specification sales cycle
  • The do’s and don’ts of a successful iFlex presentation
  • Creating a memorable iFlex experience
  • How to use an iFlex as a starting point for ongoing communication and specification
  • Government versus private enterprise projects
  • Strategies on how to hold a specification through to an order.


PROGRAM 2: Trusted Advisor Skills for Experienced Specification Representatives

This program is designed to challenge your thinking as a specification salesperson, including your approach to your market and to your customers. If you want to enhance your business relationships with your specifiers above your competitors, then this program is for you.

Included in Program 2:

  • How to create “Real Value” for specifiers as their “Trusted Advisor”
  • How to interpret and align to a specifier’s preferred type of business relationship
  • How to distinguish between the value within your product and the value you personally provide – and why it really matters
  • How to “challenge a specifier’s thinking” in a way that makes a huge difference when packaged and presented correctly
  • How to create the best likelihood of getting the order.


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“I was very impressed and suitably inspired… The standard of information was excellent, with focus on the level of experience at senior account and management levels well respected and formulated.”
Jane McMahon, JD MacDonald



The boutique trade expo


An Equinox event is the place to meet the who’s who of the architecture and design community. It’s a chance for you to engage with architects and specifiers to showcase your offerings and walk away with new contacts and genuine leads.

Being a boutique evening event with wine, snacks and cocktails, it’s a relaxed and friendly environment conducive to networking and relationship building.

Equinox events are held once or twice a year at architecturally significant venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Townsville.

Watch our video to experience the essence of an Equinox event or go to the Equinox site

For suppliers

We put you in front of architects, designers and specifiers

We’ve pioneered a multi-supplier presentation format called iFlex, which is popular with all kinds of architectural firms from the niche to the biggest, busiest practices.

Each iFlex is tailored to suit a specific practice and is held at their own office. Up to six suppliers are invited to present and showcase their offerings, make contacts and develop relationships with the specifiers.

iFlex presentations offer you much more than a chance to show your latest products. They also help you maintain your company's profile and put you in touch with key practice staff so you can build relationships.

We work hard to create engaging iFlex sessions in a relaxed and informal environment, and because so much thought goes into getting the mix right for the practice, you can be assured of exciting opportunities for specification.

For suppliers

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What suppliers tell us about AIS

Suppliers from every sector tell us that AIS membership saves them time, saves them money and makes their architectural presentations more productive – yielding more leads on more projects, leading to more specifications. See what others say about us at

Applying for AIS membership

Membership is limited to a pre-determined number of suppliers in each product category. If membership is open, signing on is simple and inexpensive. Fees can be charged monthly.