Helping architects write specifications for their projects

A specification is developed out of the design brief in the early stages of the project (concept, design, documentation). This means that product suppliers need to be involved as early as possible to influence design specifiers (architects, interior designers, landscape architects and engineers) product choices and even influencing the client if possible.

Design specifiers can use different types of specifications including performance, nominated and descriptive specifications. For functional products a performance specification is usually used, for finishing or decorative products a nominated specification is typically used. In recent years, with design specifiers being quite time poor, many have taken to using generic product specification or ‘cutting and pasting’ previously used specifications. There is a danger in doing this as the product specification may not be fit for purpose.


  1. Get involved early – concept or design stage before a spec is confirmed.
  2. Make sure you ask great quality questions to uncover exactly what the architect is after.
  3. Write the spec in such a way that it makes it hard for your competitors to be the ‘or equivalent.’
  4. Develop a library of general spec’s that you can edit when necessary to save you time.
  5. Offer your spec writing services – they might not ask you so make sure you make it known to them.


Offering to review an architect’s specifications or even writing it for them is a great opportunity to get your product involved in their current and future projects.

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