Membership Packages

Our membership packages are tailored to suit the different requirement and commitment levels of different product supplier businesses. All offer a high degree of flexibility so that you can pick and choose the iFlex and CPD presentations you would like to present at.

wdt_IDMembership TypeMonthly FeeiFlex & Semi Formal Presentation FeeCPD Presentation FeeCPD Assessments
2 National
(3 States)
$626 $90 (Up to 6 events per state/per month) $195 2 per year at no cost
3 Standard
(1 State)
$237 $90 (Up to 4 events per state/per month) $195 1 per year at no cost
4 Associate
(1 State)
$155 $120 (Up to 2 events per state/per month) $250 $655
5 Casual
(1 State)
Nil $220 (Up to 2 events per state/per month) $350 $900

All prices subject to change and do not include GST.

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