AIS for Specifiers

For the Design Specifiers, whose passion is to create functional spaces from concept to realisation, your profession demands a commitment to lifelong learning. Great architects, interior designers, engineers are at the forefront of innovations in building materials, integrating the latest products and technologies into the visual, mechanical, electrical and structural elements of their designs. Only with a good knowledge of what products and technologies are currently available in the market can you come up with new, innovative working solutions to the problems your own clients present to you.

At AIS, we understand that finding the time to learn and develop your knowledge doesn’t always come easy especially when you have to balance it with the demands of your day-today work. We also know that what little time you do manage to put aside for learning is precious and should not be wasted on the irrelevant.

To cater to the needs of Design Specifiers, our events have been purposefully designed to provide you with the latest product and technology innovations in the building industry with the ability to be tailored to the areas and projects relevant to you, at a time that suits you.

Our events include:

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