AIS for Suppliers


Architects, interior designers and design specifiers play a pivotal role in getting your product specified, however actually getting your product in front of them can be a challenge. At AIS, our events are designed to create engaging interactive environments conducive for building relationships and most importantly, face-to-face communication with key decision makers.

With 15 years of experience in the industry, we have established strong relationships with many of the architect practices within Australia and New Zealand. Along with this we have gained valuable knowledge in how architects operate, what projects they are working on, what products they are interested in and how they want new products to be presented to them.

Armed with this knowledge, we work in conjunction with architect practices to create a calendar of events throughout the year. These events are then made available to our product supplier members, allowing you to book time slots with the architects and designers you want to see to showcase your products.

Our events include:

To find out more about these events and how they can help you get your product specified, contact us today.

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