Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In Australia, Registered Architects across most states are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development every year in order to maintain their qualification. At AIS we offer in-house formal CPD Presentations to architectural practices, where product suppliers are invited to present a certified formal CPD Presentation. For product suppliers that do not have certified CPD presentations, we also a Formal CPD Presentation Assessment and Certification service available.

Our CPD Presentations offer a great opportunity for suppliers to demonstrate their design and technical expertise on how their product may be applied while educating architects.

You can find further information on CPD Presentations in our Supplier CPD Information Pack.

CPD Requirements

In Australia, Registered Architects within QLD, TAS, NSW and WA are required to accrue 20 CPD points per annum, where at least 10 points must be formal CPD points and where 1 hour of CPD activity equals 1 CPD point.

  • CPD year ends 31st March for Queensland and Tasmania
  • CPD year ends 30th June for New South Wales and Western Australia

Formal CPD Presentations

  • Setup time is approximately 15 – 20 minutes before the start of the event
  • Duration of the event is 60 minutes (40minutes presentation time and 20 minutes question time)
  • The event is usually held in the boardroom or meeting room of the practice
  • 1 presenter per presentation
  • Once setup is complete and the event begins, attendees are invited and seated in the room
  • Certificate of Attendance given to attending architects upon completion
  • Each 1 hour presentation equals 1 formal CPD point

Formal CPD Presentation Requirements

Each CPD presentation has been designed to meet a high educational standard comprising information focused on the design and technical context in which the product may be applied. The presentation aims to educate attendees on innovative design solutions utilising new products, materials and technologies and any new regulations affecting the design process.

Formal CPD Presentation Certification Process

The AIS Formal CPD Presentation Assessment and Certification service provides support and guidance through the entire process and ensures your presentation meets specific state/territory registration board requirements. The process includes:

  1. Review the AIS CPD Information Pack, and complete the Preliminary Self Assessment.
  2. Submit the finalized draft of your proposed CPD presentation in Powerpoint or PDF format
  3. AIS will assess the presentation for relevance against state learning outcomes, the AACA’s, AIA and specific state/territory Board’s framework for CPD and the AACA’s National Competency Standards
  4. If any amendments are necessary, you will be required to re-submit you presentation to be assessed again.

Once approved it will be added to our Formal CPD Presentation Menu and circulated to architectural practices.

For National and Standard AIS Memberships, CPD presentation assessment and certification is included for free*. Please refer to our Membership page for pricing.

*Number of free CPD Presentation Assessments varies based on membership level.

For more information on how to join the AIS National CPD Presentation Network, enquire below.

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