Presentation Skills


The Presentation Skills Masterclass is a one-day training program that goes beyond the basics of simply standing in front of an audience with a Powerpoint presentation. This course has been specifically designed to focus on the essence of powerful communication by developing both the process and behavioural elements of a presentation.

The process side covers topics such as prior planning, choosing the right delivery method, outstanding content, supporting materials and visual aids and the use of technology all of which contribute towards the structure of the presentation.

The behavioural side focuses on factors influencing the performance of the presenter including body language, over coming the fear of public speaking, as well as how to involve the audience and dealing with difficult audience behaviours.

Whether you are presenting to developers, architects or builders, first impressions last so enrol today to build your confidence and maximise your impact when presenting to decision makers in product presentations or tender panels.

What to expect?

  • Learn practical techniques to properly prepare and to select the most suitable delivery method based on the audience, the environment and the message being delivered
  • Understand different learning styles and how to accommodate for these. Master verbal & non-verbal communication techniques to improve your delivery through an increased awareness of body language, gestures, eye contact and vocal techniques.
  • Improve your public speaking presence and overcome nerves to present with confidence.
  • Handle question and answer time and effectively deal with difficult audience behaviours.
  • Use visual aids such as PowerPoint and flipcharts to appropriately support the key messages in your presentation.

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